LDS Scriptures


Tired of starting over with your digital Scriptures every time you get a new device? NEVER AGAIN! With LDS Scriptures, never lose your notes, highlights and bookmarks again!

Scripture Sync

Wireless syncing keeps your bookmarks, notes, and highlights in sync between all your devices, so you're never without your own personalized scriptures!

Content Galore

Packed full of all the features and content you need to improve your scripture study and increase your knowledge of the scriptures.


One Set of Scriptures, Many Devices

As technology grows, our devices change. Why should you have to start again with your scripture markings each time? LDS Scriptures is committed to providing multiple platform support for your scriptures. So even when you change devices, your notes, highlights, bookmarks, and tags are instantly available.

On your phone, on your Desktop

It's probably been a while since you studied your scriptures on your Desktop, if ever. Why? Because you didn't have the right tools. Now for Mac and PC you can study, mark, and read your Scriptures, and then instantly have everything on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android device. Tablets? Of course! Available for iPad, NOOK Color, and Kindle Fire!

Studying the Scriptures just got better

New technology adds a whole new level to how you study the Scriptures. With software from LDS Scriptures, imagine looking up and reading multiple cross-references in seconds, searching instantly and finding all references for a word or phrase, and instantly reading all the references in a lesson with the tap of a finger (or click of a mouse).

Share your Scripture study with family and friends

For those of you tweeting and facebooking, you'll love Social Scripture Study. This feature is optional, and lets you share your bookmarks, highlights, notes, and tags with family and friends, or the whole world if you choose! integrates your account for sharing your markings online!



Go Mobile

Study the Scriptures anywhere, even offline. For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, and NOOK Color.


Your Desktop

Take a break from work or the news and study the Scriptures, now on PC and Mac. Even syncs with your phone!


Fully Featured

Highlight, Add Notes, Bookmark, Tag, Search, and even keep your Journal.