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About LDS Scriptures

LDS Scriptures ( offers exciting opportunities for using technology to better study the Scriptures. Our main objective is to create tools to increase the knowledge and testimony of others, and to make Scripture study more effective. To do this we constantly work on optimizing usability, providing relevant content, and offering tools on many platforms.

We started out offering the very first LDS Scriptures for iPhone, as a web app when the iPhone was first released at When the iPhone Apps SDK was first announced, we began work on the first version of LDS Scriptures App, which was the first LDS Scriptures app released in the iTunes AppStore. From there we've progressed towards what you see today, a fully integrated suite of LDS Scriptures applications for multiple platforms!

We have a great team of developers involved in creating and maintaining these apps, and many thanks goes out to them for their hard work.

We hope you enjoy our golden plates logo. We have tried to be as accurate as possible in showing what the plates looked like based on eyewitness accounts. Read interesting facts about the golden plates!

About Michael D. Jensen

Some people like to know there's a real person behind all this, so I'll just share a few things about me.

I live in Vancouver, Washington (near Portland, Oregon) with my beautiful wife and four wonderful kids. I'm currently serving as a Varsity Scout Coach in my Ward. I taught Seminary for 5 years and love feasting on the Scriptures daily. I enjoy reading, running, golfing, and most of all being with my family.

I went to BYU and studied Nutritional Science, served a full-time mission in Tempe, Arizona, and then earned a PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I now work full-time developing software. You can meet me on Twitter as @mdjensen.