LDS General Conference Roundup of Scripture Quotes – October 2015


Don’t you just love General Conference? I do! In particular I always take note of the talks that mention Scripture Study, so I have gathered them all here in one place, just for you!

I’ll give you my favorite first, and it’s even from President Monson:

“Throughout our lives we will need to nurture strong testimonies by studying the scriptures and by praying and by pondering the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ. When firmly planted, our testimonies of the gospel, of the Savior, and of our Heavenly Father will influence all that we do.” – President Monson

Then in no particular order, here are the other mentions of Scripture study from October 2015 General Conference:

“Many in today’s world are looking for instant gratification and instant knowledge on the Internet. In contrast, we will be exceedingly blessed if we exercise faith and patience and go to our Heavenly Father, the source of all truth, with our concerns. So many answers and assurances can come through daily searching and studying the scriptures and with sincere and pleading prayer, but there are no such promises on the Internet.” – Sister Reeves

“One of the purposes of the scriptures is to show us how righteous people respond to temptation and evil. In short, they avoid it! Joseph ran from Potiphar’s wife. Lehi took his family and left Jerusalem. Mary and Joseph fled into Egypt to escape Herod’s wicked plot. In every instance, Heavenly Father warned these believers. Similarly, He will help us know whether to fight, flee, or go with the flow of our unfolding circumstances. He will speak to us through prayer, and when we pray, we will have the Holy Ghost, who will guide us. We have the scriptures, the teachings of living prophets, patriarchal blessings, the counsel of inspired parents, priesthood and auxiliary leaders, and, above all, the still, small voice of the Spirit.” – Elder Hales

“We will all face trials and have questions, but remember that we must be ‘continually holding fast to the rod of iron.’ ‘The words of Christ will tell [us] all things what [we] should do.’ We must make scripture study a daily part of our lives, as this will open doors of revelation.”- Elder Martino

“These personal religious habits–obedience, scripture study, prayer, and fasting–strengthened the sons of Mosiah. The lack of these same personal religious habits was a major reason that Laman and Lemuel were left vulnerable to the temptation to murmur and doubt.”- Elder Martino

“My questions led to increased faith. For me, the answer came not as an event but as a process. I noticed that as I did “experiment upon [the] words” and began to “exercise a particle of faith,” the Book of Mormon became “delicious to me” and it did “enlighten my understanding” and truly did “enlarge my soul.” Eventually I had that experience the scriptures describe as a swelling within your breast. It was at this point that I desired to be baptized and to commit my life to Jesus Christ.” – Elder Martino

“In addition to having a habit of prayer, he knew the scriptures and the words of living prophets. So he recognized the familiar whisperings of the Spirit, which you may have felt today.” – President Eyring, in speaking of his own father

“I promise you will not regret writing a verse of scripture on your mind and heart each week. You will experience a feeling of perpetual spiritual purpose, protection, and power.” – Brother Durrant

“Several other verses use the phrase ‘It is written’ and similar expressions demonstrating familiarity with the scriptures.) Can we not safely say that Jesus spent at least 20 years studying and pondering the scriptures as part of His mission preparation? Is there something you need to be doing today to prepare yourself spiritually for future opportunities to teach and bless your family and others?” – Brother Durrant

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