Introducing the All-New LDS Scriptures Pro, Coming Soon

I know you have heard the “Coming Soon” once before, but we assure  you it really is. Launching in early 2017, LDS Scriptures Pro is going to be well worth the wait, we promise.

One of the most common questions we are being asked is “how much will it cost?” While we can’t release any specifics on pricing, we can tell you that the app will be affordable and provide access on all available platforms. The new pricing structure will also ensure we can release frequent updates and new features.

Completely Redesigned

We redesigned your reading and marking tools from the ground up to give you the best scripture studying experience possible. All of your existing synced markings from the current LDS Scriptures app will be imported automatically into LDS Scriptures Pro! With innovative features, an improved interface, and more content, LDS Scriptures Pro will help you explore the scriptures like never before.

Daily Study Supercharged

Whether your personal scripture study goal is just a few verses or several chapters, LDS Scriptures Pro is designed to help you reach your goal. Set your own daily goal and track your reading over time, much like a fitness tracker, but for scripture study! LDS Scriptures Pro includes achievements, activities, and social features, creating a completely new way to find yourself immersed in the scriptures.


And that’s just a taste of the new features and design of LDS Scriptures Pro. More to come!


  • Fantastic! I spend from 1 to 2 hours per day reading, annotating, tagging, and linking my scriptures using the Gospel Library App. This new app sounds like it will resolve many of the weaknesses of the current app. I can’t wait and want to thank each and everyone working on this project for your vision of how important this is and your hard work. This is really GREAT news.

    Mick Altmyer 30.11.2016
    • I am ready when you release it.

      Dan Morris 30.11.2016
    • I am so excited to get the new update

      Carla bruce 01.12.2016
  • How much will this cost?

    Kristina Blackburn 30.11.2016
    • Pricing not released yet, stay tuned

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • It would be great if it could sync with the LDS login. Maybe not a possibility, but it would be helpful.

    Stacy Haven 30.11.2016
    • Not possible at this time, the Church keeps the LDS Account system closed to 3rd parties.

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • I’m looking forward to the new features and hope you keep the reference materials .

    Joel Stockseth 30.11.2016
  • I already set a timer to monitor my scripture study. This will be great to have it built in.

    Mcphee Murray M 30.11.2016
  • My husband and I are really excited for this new app to come out.
    Thank you for working so hard to get it to us.
    David and Janie

    David and Janie Terrell 30.11.2016
  • Will the new app import all the current annotations, highlights, bookmarks, etc., from the current app? I’m surprised no one asked this question before now.

    Paul E Achuff 30.11.2016
    • It was included in the post, we will be moving your markings over. 🙂

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • Any mods to the present app that will allow rapid change from, e.g., hymns, to the New Testament, to the Book of Mormon will be appreciated.

    Charles Aiello 30.11.2016
    • Stay tuned 🙂

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • I can’t wait❤️

    Isolina 30.11.2016
  • Will LDS Scripture Pro allow markings to be synced back to

    Will 30.11.2016
    • No, the Church at this time is keeping their markings system closed from the outside.

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • With the approach of the new LDS Scriptures Pro in January will there be a no charge update available for existing users or do we have to re-purchase it? Also what about highlights we have all ready made with the present LDS Scriptures? Will we loose what we have all ready done?

    Joseph Scheurich 30.11.2016
    • Highlights will be moved over automatically. The new app will not be free, we have to cover the cost of development and overhead.

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • Sorry – one more issue. What about us who do not use Facebook? There is no help available…

    Joseph Scheurich 30.11.2016
    • We will be launching a new site with an integrated support system.

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • Will this app have the capability to track where we stop and then start there the next time we study?

    Ann 30.11.2016
    • You can add bookmarks but it also remembers your last state between opening and closing the app.

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • Will there be a night-time reading (darker interface) option as well? The ability to set some controls/threshold over contrast level when using for extended periods is something I hope has been considered and implemented. Looking forward to this!

    Jake 30.11.2016
    • Yes

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • Will the app link between devices so when I mark, add notes , etc. on my iPad they will also upload to my phone and visaversa?

    Jerry 30.11.2016
    • Yes

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • How much to upgrade?

    Calvin M. Lujan 30.11.2016
    • Pricing not ready to announce yet 🙂

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • Will this update or upgrade my existing program on my IPAD?

    Roger 30.11.2016
    • This is a completely new app.

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • Will this be part of the gospel library?

    Glen Ghunsaker 30.11.2016
    • That is the Church’s app, our app is separate.

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • Please make the iPhone and iPad apps universal. Most debts do that. Thanks!

    Jim G 30.11.2016
    • Done 🙂

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • My hart skipped a beat when I read this news, thank you so much for all your hard work and skills.

    John Vines 30.11.2016
  • Looking forward to it.

    Barbara Harman 30.11.2016
  • I’m intrigued. One question comes to mind, however. You say it will sync with my current LDS app but does it back sync as well. That is, will what I enter on your app also show up on my LDS app?

    Dean Bigler 30.11.2016
    • We will copy your existing markings from LDS Scriptures App automatically. It won’t sync between the old app and this new one though going forward after the initial copy.

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • I bought LDS scriptures when you first came out with it. Is this a free upgrade?

    Joe speirs 01.12.2016
    • No, but it will be affordable. We are a business and have to pay for developers and overhead. 🙂

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • I need to improve the capacity to use scriptures, notes, info from other sources to assemble lessons regarding specific topics.
    I would like a source of support.
    I can’t go from one chapter to the next without going back to library. I would like to be able to use the app on both my desk top iMac and iPad.

    Gary Morley 01.12.2016
    • Yes. 🙂

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • I’m in! Having tried different marking systems and not finding one that works as effectively as I’d like, I’ve been searching and planning to start from the beginning, but hadn’t decided on which system to use. The thought of having one system to work seamlessly, is just perfect timing, as I’m ready to start the Book of Mormon over again. How soon before it’s available?

    James A Johnson 01.12.2016
    • January 2017

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • If we are currently using your app, will we need to pay for the upgrade?

    Larry Dean 01.12.2016
    • There will be a charge. We have to pay developers and overhead, it is the only way we can make an amazing app.

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • We have a lot of members who love the app, but they dont speak english
    Do you have any plan for spanish speakers?

    Jose L Alonso 01.12.2016
    • Yep!

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • When is the release date?

    Brad means 01.12.2016
    • January 2017

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • I really hope you have thought to ensure that scriptures quoted in a note will be embedded so that by tapping on the scripture you will be taken directly to it.

    Sid Sayers 01.12.2016
    • This is in our specs but it may not be in the first release. 🙂

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • It appears to me as though the goal setting is about numbers here, I hope we can get away from number of chapters read or amount of time spent reading as the important factors. Can you not develop something that would help us to set goals around reading important subject matter, understanding and pondering? After 40 years, I’ve come to the conclusion that not all the pages of scripture are worth the same or are as important as some others are.

    Mike McKay Edinburgh Scotland 01.12.2016
    • If there was a way to measure that it would be great, however there really isn’t. Time spent reading as well as interactions are the best measurement from our research and I think you will find it useful. If only we had a “spiritual heart rate monitor”! 🙂

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • Looks great can’t wait to get it.

    Julie Perry 01.12.2016
  • i would Love to have this on my phone let me know when it is available

    Larry 01.12.2016
  • Love the app and it’s design. It’s my go to for scripture reading. Can’t wait for the upgrade.

    Devin Wahlen 01.12.2016
  • The current version has many flaws, and features which do not work, it has not been value for money.
    Also going through Facebook for help is difficult if you do not want to use that site.
    Will there be a better trouble shooting system put in place to rectify problems?
    Cautiously optimistic.

    Barry Spark 01.12.2016
    • Yes we have designed a completely new website and integrated support system. Sorry for the issues you’ve experienced, I know you’re going to love the new one!

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • I too, am anxious for the improvements. I hope you are making it so that I can login on my desktop computer, and organize and fix problems with my numerous tags, combining some of them, re-wording the categories, etc. I hope. I hope!

    Walter J Goldthwaite 01.12.2016
  • Will it transfer my bookmarks from a different lads app?

    Gary Nelson 01.12.2016
    • From Gospel Library…. Maybe 🙂 Stay tuned.

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • You don’t indicate if there will be an incremental cost. Those of us who depend on LDS Scriptures would like to plan.

    Joudon M. Ford 01.12.2016
    • Not releasing any specifics yet. To support development going forward there will be a cost for previous users as it is a completely new app, but we have kept it affordably priced.

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • Would like to know what happens when you’ve bought the app, and switch devices?

    Also, for seminary teachers or families, can you build in a multiple download fee?


    Nicole 01.12.2016
    • The new pricing structure will work well for your needs. 🙂

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • I have been using LDS SCRIPTURES since the beginning. I also have the Gospel Library, but I use that program occasionally, but prefer LDS SCRIPTURES. I am excited for the upgrade!

    Joseph Cutler 01.12.2016
  • I’m anxious! Thank you for working hard, Im looking forward to putting it to work

    Kim Hancock 01.12.2016
  • I sure hope that we can sync from our old app. I would hate to loose all my notes and tags, and have to start over.

    Jack 02.12.2016
    • That was mentioned in the post, we will be moving all your synced markings over to the new app. 🙂

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • Will it have the dates at the very bottom of the page? None of the apps that I have included these important dates.

    Rob McGhie 02.12.2016
    • Look for the dates at the end of the heading/summary of chapters, that’s where they are usually at. 1 Nephi 1 for example says “About 600 B.C.” at the end of the chapter summary.

      Michael D. Jensen 02.12.2016
  • Looking forward to it!

    Gus 02.12.2016
  • Great news! This has always been my favorite LDS scripture app!

    Skip Queen 03.12.2016
    • I’m so glad!

      Michael D. Jensen 03.01.2017
  • Send me an install when you are ready

    Tom Tucker 08.12.2016
  • Looking forward on your new app. What benefits does your app have over the Gospel Library that is free?

    Jerry Welker 11.12.2016
    • Citations is one of our best features, it shows all resources that quote a scripture for better and deeper study. We have many more exciting features in the new app as well, look for them to be announced as we get closer to launch.

      Michael D. Jensen 03.01.2017
  • for some time now, when i load LDS Scriptures, it takes a couple of days for all of the Tags to show up. I do have lots of tags and over a 1000 pages of notes. i assume that this new PRO will have the power to handle users like myself?

    richard aw smith 13.12.2016
    • The new app will handle large marking sets better, sorry for the issues!

      Michael D. Jensen 03.01.2017
  • Will the new PRO have the ability to toggle between showing the Notes or not? I love my 1000 pages of notes but they do get in the way when i just want to “read” the scriptures

    richard aw smith 13.12.2016
    • Thanks for the suggestion, it may not be the first version of the new app but we will work it in there.

      Michael D. Jensen 03.01.2017
  • It all sounds great! I have the app on my IPad, however it is old and the processor is not up to date and everything crashes. I did buy a new laptop (HP) and was wondering how I would get the new app on my laptop instead of my IPad. Is this possible?

    Cynthia Perry 20.12.2016
    • You will be able to use the app on any device in some way or another, more details to come.

      Michael D. Jensen 03.01.2017
  • I’m excited to get the upgrade and to have it synced to the lastest General Conference talks. Will the new app have the ability to scroll as you read? It’s one of my favorite features.

    Stacy 21.12.2016
    • Yep!

      Michael D. Jensen 03.01.2017

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