LDS Scriptures

LDS Scriptures App for iPod Touch, A Perfect Match


Study the Scriptures at Church and anywhere, even offline, with your iPod Touch and LDS Scriptures App. Highlight, Add Notes, and Bookmark, even offline. Connect to wi-fi anytime to sync with your Mac or PC.


Study your Scriptures like never before, even offline! You'll find your Scripture study goes to a new level with this app, and you will probably even find yourself studying more often! Study and understand the Scriptures more deeply by instantly digging into footnotes and references, marking your favorite Scriptures, and recording your own thoughts and perspective.


  • Add and Update Bookmarks
  • Highlight words, phrases, and verses
  • Highlight in multiple colors
  • Add Notes
  • Scripture Tagging
  • Content includes Standard Works, Manuals, Hymns, and Reference Resources
  • Sync across multiple devices
  • Autoscrolling
  • Day/Night mode
  • Multiple font sizes
  • Linked Footnotes and References
  • Keep a Journal
  • Automatic backup so you never lose your markings



Fully Featured

All of the features you'd expect in an exceptional Scriptures app.


Full of Content

All of the resources you'll need, on the go, even offline.



Sync bookmarks, highlights, notes and more with your other devices.