LDS Scriptures

About the Logo

Our logo is of course, the golden plates. But there are some interesting things about the golden plates that you might not know! We have designed our logo to be as close to what the plates actually looked like, as described from eyewitnesses (see this article for references).

  • The plates weighed about 60 pounds. That's the average weight of a 9 year old, or 7 milk jugs full of water, all in one hefty set of plates!
  • The dimensions of the plates were "six inches wide by eight inches long" (Joseph Smith, Jr.), were "of the thickness of plates of tin" (Martin Harris), and "when piled one above the other, they were altogether about four inches thick" (Martin Harris).
  • The plates were sealed, but not with metal bands like some artists show. The accounts indicate a complete encapsulation of the plates that "appeared solid". We used what looks like a natural glue/sealant like substance in our logo.
  • The rings were silver, and a rod could have been easily put through them. Some describe them more round, in a D-shape, but we went with a more uniform look for the logo.
  • The plates were filled with characters, on both sides, stained with a black hard stain so the letters were more legible (Orson Pratt).
  • The plates were read "from right to left" (Joseph Smith).