LDS Scriptures


Good news! We now have an official license agreement for using the Church's content and are working to get our apps back on the various App Stores as soon as possible with updated content. (no timeframe yet sorry!)

SOME BACK STORY: Some of you may have noticed our apps haven't been updated with the latest General Conference and manuals, and that you can no longer find our apps in the various App Stores. About six months ago we were named in a lawsuit (the Church was named in the same lawsuit as well), and to play it safe the Church asked us to stop selling our apps until things were resolved. The lawsuit has now been settled (none of us were at fault) and we have secured an official license from the Church to publish our apps with their content.

We hope you will continue to use and share our apps as you have in the past as we work hard to innovate and improve Scripture study for the LDS community.

I do not have a timeframe of when the app updates will be ready as we are still working on the programming changes. Thanks for your patience as we work hard on this and many things in the future!