LDS Scriptures

Why Not Free?

We are the leading innovator in Scripture study tools, and our goal is to make the best Scriptures app ever to improve your Scripture study!

Here's a list of reasons why you should pay for a premium Scriptures app like ours instead of just use the basic app the Church offers:

  • Innovative features like integrated Citation Index for seeing resources that reference the verse you are reading
  • Powerful and fast search
  • Syncing between devices and platforms
  • Automatic backups of your markings
  • Integrated media such as Gospel Art Kit, Video, Audio
  • Powerful tools for Teachers such as Lesson Builder
  • Intuitive interface for quick access to what you use most
  • PDF Library for access to even more manuals and resources
  • Journal feature for keeping your own journal
  • Reminder to read your Scriptures for iPhone and iPad
  • Reading Plans lets you create a schedule to finish a volume or book by a certain date

We are confident that using our app will positively change the way you study the Scriptures. We even have a 100% money back guarantee!

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